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50 States in 50 Movies - Mon. & Tues. in July

Join us in July for a taste of America, as we journey through all 50 states in a selection of films celebrating the purple mountain majesties, rolling hills,... MORE>

The Working Class - 7/25 (Daytime)

Since the earliest days of film, movies have portrayed working men and women from all cultures,... more >

Based on Pat Conroy - 7/27

Atlanta-born Donald Patrick "Pat" Conroy (1945 - 2016) turned his Army Brat upbringing, school... more>

The Pre-Code Era - 7/31 (Daytime)

The Pre-Code era in Hollywood was that time in American filmmaking between the advent of sound in the... more >

TCM Underground in July

Among the bizarre and outrageous movies we are showing in July are the TCM premieres of the... more >

Silent Sunday Nights in July

Among the pre-sound era treats we have for you this month are the 1916 version of Sherlock Holmes... more >

TCM Imports for July

Our diverse array of cinematic gems from around the world includes Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Deuxieme... more >

TCM's NOIR ALLEY - Saturdays at 12pm ET

Join us as we celebrate the iconic and distinctly American film genre every Saturday night at... more >

In Select Cinemas Nationwide

Special Two-Day Event - Aug. 5 & 8 more >

Scorsese Screens for July

In partnership with The Film Foundation, Turner Classic Movies is proud to bring you this exclusive... more >

Ben Mankiewicz - Top Pick of the Month

Ben Mankiewicz, TCM Primetime host and grandson of Herman J. Mankiewicz (Citizen Kane) & nephew of... more >

Alicia Malone - TCM Host

Alicia Malone is a host on Turner Classic Movies and FilmStruck, Turner's streaming service for movie... more >

Dave Karger - TCM Host

Dave Karger is a host on Turner Classic Movies. An award-winning host, interviewer, and entertainment... more >


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