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Rome Adventure

Rome Adventure(1962)

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  • Reply to Question by Joe D, 26 Jun 2017

    • Juanaquena
    • 12/14/17

    You asked the following question: [Quote] Where is Chad Everett in this movie? [End quote]According to a blog with an extensive synopsis of the film "Rome Adventure," < >, [Quote] The worst injustice of all in the film goes to Chad Everett. You're sitting there watching the credits in which he's maybe eighth-billed and eventually the movie is over and you realize you never once caught a glimpse of him!! Turns out, he plays a tremendously sight-impaired surveillance man who watches Dickinson from afar. He has no lines at all and it utterly unrecognizable. I don't think even his mother could have picked out that it was him in that part! He may have had a scene or two that was trimmed out of the final cut. Don't watch this movie looking for him, though! [End quote] Note: You can find this information near the end of the blog, near the black and white image of actor Hampton Fancher and his wife at the time, Sue Lyon. The blogger's screen name: Poseidon3.

  • Rome At its Finest

    • Zee
    • 9/10/17

    I saw this movie in theater yrs. ago. EXCELLENT, BEAUTIFUL photography of Rome, Italy and surrounding areas and the musical score is superb!

  • Rome Adventure

    • Joe D
    • 6/26/17

    I watched this movie again this week with wife. I have seen it numerous times. Can someone answer this question.Where is Chad Everett in this movie?thanks

  • nice

    • Owsh
    • 6/24/17

    Perhaps Italy has never been filmed better than in this movie. The director / cinematographer frequently uses extreme long shots which create a panoramic vista that really shows off the beauty of the country's sites. The actors are then walking across these vistas in miniatures with no one else around them, resulting in a mesmerizing effect. How they were able to film these tourist sites without a bunch of other people around is astounding. Perhaps in the early morning because oftentimes the shadows are very long.The reviews were not that good when this was released (one critic said the the scenery is breathtaking but the actors keep getting in the way with the sappy plot), but it was a hit. However, the critics were unanimous in their praise for Suzanne Pleshette who is billed in the opening credits as "Presenting Suzanne Pleshette." And she deserved the special billing. Her first major movie performance is charming, intelligent, and thoughtful. The plot may be sappy, but Pleshette (looking lovely) elevates it to two hours that are never boring with an ending that is quite satisfying for the viewer. Good support from Rossano Brazzi, Constance Ford, and Angie Dickinson (portraying one of the caddiest female characters to hit the screen) also lends the film verve and sincerity.

  • Motion picture postcard

    • Jeff Boston
    • 1/26/17

    One of many post-WW2 picturesque propaganda productions that sells Rome and Italy as a heaven-on-earth utopia, which has whet many an appetite for travel abroad. However, there's a part in this piece that rings true, where Donahue utters upon viewing a heaven-on-earth cathedral: "This is the kind of beauty that comes about only when the artist knows he is working for the glory of God."

  • Entertaining Story, Great Travelogue

    • Jim Smith
    • 10/16/16

    Pleasant viewing and an even better Travelogue with great photography of Rome and Italian countryside. Beautiful stuff. Beautiful women. Enjoy.

  • And One More Thing ...

    • Delving Eye
    • 5/9/15

    Addendum: I agree completely with previous reviewer, Kevin Sellers, who praises jazz trumpeter Al Hirt for his witty, natural performance. Marvelous, especially when he tells his voluptuous girlfriend to twirl so he can admire her figure. "Isn't that nutty?" he says, delivering the ultimate compliment. Too bad the whole movie isn't as good as that one brief scene.

  • Bygone Romance, Bygone Rome

    • Delving Eye
    • 5/8/15

    Charming, if dated, movie set in Rome of 1962, where you can enjoy actual footage showing Rome's wide avenues with a handful of cars and piazzas with a mere handful of well-dressed tourists -- in the high summer season, too! Back then it was actually possible to see famous landmarks and stroll around without being harassed by crowds cheek by jowl, gadding about in undershirts and sneakers. No more, sadly, at any time of year. My older sister was 18 in 1963 when she sailed to Europe, very much like Suzanne Pleshette's character did. She came home after making the Grand Tour, with a few souvenirs -- most notably a 45rpm of "Al Di La," the wonderful song from the movie. We listened to it over and over -- and love it still.

  • Troy, Suzanne, and Rome - A Breathtaking Combo!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 5/8/15

    A pure romantic high, with two of the most beautiful and attractive screen personalities (at that time) - Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette. The magnificent cinematography of Rome and that great song, "Al Di La", lift the film to a spiritual plane. The director, Delmar Daves, and the star, Troy Donahue, had an interesting screen collaboration - "Parrish", "Rome Adventure" and "Susan Slade".

  • Wonderfully delightful

    • Minnie
    • 4/14/15

    This is one of the most romantic love story I have ever seen. I can watch it over and over and over. Never get tired of watching it. Maybe it's because the story line is so clean and pure. This is what a movie is supposed to be about instead of that garbage we see today. The players are perfect for the parts they play.

  • Rome Adventure

    • Madelaine
    • 4/12/15

    It was the most romantic classic movie I've seen. I was off from work one day & was hooked up watching this romantic movie. The love chemistry of Troy D.& Suzanne P. was tantalizing. I hope TCM will show this classic love story movie again.Thanks.

  • rome adventure

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/10/15

    I imagine this was a big high school, make out movie when it was first released. Now, it's mostly a bore, with the exception, of course, of Suzanne Pleshette, one of the very few actresses who manages to combine intelligence, humor, sexuality and goodness. Quite a quartet, that. Would that she had a leading man of even half her talent. (Warren Beatty would have been a good choice, but he was busy acting in a much better film about Rome at the time.) Alas, Troy Donahue is dull beyond belief. He is where subtlety goes to die. He makes Rock Hudson (whom he vaguely sounds like) resemble Paul Schofield. You get the picture. Throw in a schmaltzy score, schmaltzier dialogue ("Now I feel I finally know you," "I don't want to see Prudence hurt like I was," "Do you hear bells when I kiss you?" etc ) and a travelog substituting for direction by the pedestrian Delmer Daves (a Douglas Sirk wannabe) and you can see why this film is inexorably stuck in the C category. P.S. Al Hirt, playing a lecherous, kinky jazzman, is the ghost of what this movie could and should have been.

  • Italian Romance

    • Natacha
    • 1/13/15

    I saw this when I was a young teenager, and watching it last night reminds me of how touched I was then by the romance of Italy, the song "Al Di La" playing while Suzanne and Troy were cuddling and how cool Al Hirt was. Other than Angie Dickinson, all of the principals have since died, including Emilio Pericoli, who sang "Al Di La", but they were beautiful then and this film is worth seeing.

  • My favorite Actress

    • Carlene Slowe
    • 7/20/14

    I was 18 years old when I first watched Rome Adventure with a few of my girl friends. I was so in awe of Suzanne Pleshette and thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. I loved everything about her. As soon as I heard that her name in that movie was "Prudence," I immediately turned to my girl friends and told them that I was going to have a daughter and name her Prudence. I became so obsessed with that name that my sister started calling me Prudence. Well, I had a beautiful daughter at the age of 23 and when she was born, my family and friends were on pins and needles wondering weather I would stick to my word. I certainly did. I named my daughter Prudence and I have always called her Pru to this day. (thanks to Suzanne Pleshette). She was truly my favorite actress as well as the most beautiful actress ever. I also fell in love with the song "AL Di LA." It makes me cry. It is so beautiful. Funny thing is, I watched Rome Adventure early today and I played Al Di La over and over and over on the internet. I am so glad for this opportunity to comment. This is unbelievable. Suzanne Pleshette and Troy Donahue (he was so handsome) really did an outstanding job in that movie. they don't make movies like that any more.

  • Rome adventure

    • Cynthia
    • 4/9/14

    Was 15 when I first saw this movie. Fell in love with it and Rome. Took me 50 years but I finally went to Rome, Piazza Navona,etc. It was a dream come true !

  • Lovely

    • June
    • 3/4/13

    I really enjoyed this movie and I wanted to jump on an airplane to visit the Italian Lake District again! Al Di La is one of the most romantic songs that I have ever heard and it is such a tribute to that era.

  • Beautiful

    • David C.
    • 1/18/13

    Gorgeous views of Italy. Tourism must have gone up after this film came out!

  • ...and that song...

    • Eileen
    • 1/17/13

    I must add that the lovely song in the movie, Al Di La, is one of the most beautiful movie tunes I've heard!

  • Loved it!

    • Eileen
    • 1/17/13

    Just finished watching it. Can't believe I had never seen that movie before. I enjoyed it very much, especially seeing all of the familiar faces! The story line and scenery kept me interested as well as the lovely, well-known actresses and extremely handsome Troy Donohue! For a hopeless romantic like me, who had the fortune of visiting Italy for the first time in recent years, I would definitely want to see this film again!

  • Singer of Al Di La in "Rome Adventure"

    • Marc
    • 6/4/12

    Ida...the singer's name is Emilio Pericoli...the man who sang "Al Di La" in the movie. Dozens of famed recording artists have covered this song, You will probably find many versions you can buy on Amazon. But the best two versions are the one's by Connie Francis and Jerry Vale.

  • Rome Adventure

    • Ida
    • 11/5/10

    Watched Rome Adventure last night for the first time and I just loved it, especialyy the song Ai Di La and the singer. What was his name? He was fabulous, even though I don't understand Italian. Couldn't sleep last night because of the song playing in my head. Suzanne Pleshette was good but Angie Dickinson was great. Thanks for showing it but please where can I buy the song .

  • Troy Donahue, Movie Star!

    • David Atkins
    • 11/4/10

    Troy Donahue was a Movie Star! Lets all hear it for that fading breed of cinema actor. Donahue was a WB contract Star who had tremendous hits in Delmer Daves films A Summer Place with Sandra Dee and Parrish with 3 lovely WB contracteesConnie Stevens, Diane McBain and Sharon Hugueny. (Parrish also saw the return of Claudette Colbert as Donahue's Mother). Jack Warner cast Troy Donahue in this 3rd Delmer Daves smash Rome Adventure which was supposed to co star Natalie Wood, then queen of the WB lot but Natalie ankled off the picture, Suzanne Pleshette replaced Ms. Wood and soon became Mrs. Troy Donahue. This is a wonderful romantic movie directed by Mr. Daves with a great score and photography. All of us of a certain age remember this movie, and its great song Ai Di La. Donahue would go on for a few more years starring in smash WB films but when he left the studio his star waned. His career deserves review

  • rome adventure

    • frank
    • 5/19/10

    adventure? more like a self conscious travel log, complete with wooden line readings. a cheap 'roman holiday' ripoff.

  • Monument to 60's Love Stories

    • Gerry
    • 5/18/10

    One of my favorites from an era that sadly marks the beginning of the end for such movies, just like the Italian liner Christoforio Columbo she traveled to Italy on, and other steamships were in their last days. I consider this a must have along with Roman Holiday and Three Coins in the Fountain. Wonderful photography and great people (they too are now gone). Thank you for showing this film on TCM and for making it available on DVD. Sure brings back pleasant memories.

  • Rome Adventure

    • Kathy
    • 5/18/10

    They don't make these kind of movies anymore! Scenery of Italy fantastic. I loved all the details. The young love and innocence. Troy a hunk in the day and Suzanne Pleshette in her 1st main role.A "nasty role" for Angie Dickenson as she played the other woman. Great for an evening at home.

  • Makes Me Think of My Youth

    • Christine
    • 5/18/10

    I first saw this movie as a teenager and fell in love with it. It was one of those kind of movies that stuck with me for many years and was so excited to see that it was on TCM tonight. I'm also happy to know that it is now on DVD. The lead actresses were all great; beautiful Suzanne Pleshette, sexy and bitchy Angie Dickenson and smart and bookish Constance Ford. Troy Donohue was not a very good actor but won the heart of Suzanne anyway as they got married after the filming of this movie. This movie is romantic, the scenery is bellissimo, the music exquisite. It's hard to take your eyes off of Suzanne Pleshette, she was a marvelous actress, but Angie Dickenson rates high in the sex appeal. Her legs coming out of that gown almost stole the movie.Thanks TCM for showng Rome Adventure and thanks Warner Bros. for finally releasng this on DVD. I give this movie 4 stars. Italy is gorgeous and the real star of this movie!

  • 4 Stars

    • Val Beauchemin
    • 5/17/10

    Loved the movie when I was a teenager when it was released.I still love it and it made me want to travel to Italy. I have been to Italy 4 times and always think of Rome Adventure and especially the music. Probably not the best acted movie except Suzanne Pleshette but it is a great escapist movie.


    • Kyle Michael
    • 1/18/09

    For all of you who have asked for the DVDrelease of "Rome Adventure" (1962), your wait is now over! TCM is now taking advance orders for the January 27th release of "Warner Bros. Romance Classics Collection", a four-disc set that includes "Rome Adventure", as well as "Susan Slade" (1961), "Parrish" (1961)and "Palm Springs Weekend" (1963). This boxed set will be a nice tribute to MissSuzanne Pleshette as well, who passed toosoon last January of 2008. Enjoy!

  • Early days of Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette

    • mike
    • 7/6/08

    The movie takes two average American kids and allows you to interact with them in a great love story and places you with them in the eternal city of love- ROME. Add some of the greatest music I have ever heard and a classic is made. If this movie is not deserving of being immortalized on a CD, then I don't know what is.

  • Great Travel-log through Italy

    • Mark
    • 5/26/08

    A wonderfully romantic travel adventure through Italy. Good acting and a fabulous musical score and memorable story. This movie deserves to be released on DVD ASAP!

  • Suzanne Pleshette memories...

    • kathie
    • 3/9/08

    Suzanne Pleshette did such a great job in this movie... since she just past away it would be good to have it available to watch. It was one of my favorites as a young girl. I loved the song that was played in the movie. I would love to be able to see this movie again and would love to be able to add it to my collection of oldies.

  • Would like to be able to acquire on DVD

    • Steve
    • 2/28/08

    This movie shold be in DVD


    • 1/20/08


  • Why not on DVD?

    • Pam
    • 1/4/08

    I have found on VHS but would LOVE to have my on DVD because of the beautiful story and scenery!! Please release !

  • please release this movie

    • phyllis
    • 12/2/07

    these type of movies are so very good and a lot of the public has never seen this movie.this type of movie is what made troy donahue a movie star.

  • Release these movies, please.

    • pam
    • 9/26/07

    I just find it so hard to believe that there is so much junk on dvd and the movies we boomers want to see are just ignored by the studios. I have been waiting for Rome Adventure, Parrish, Susan Slade and Palm Srings Weekend to be released for a very long time. I hope they come out while I can still enjoy them but I don't hold out much hope.

  • Attention Warner Bros.

    • pam parsons
    • 6/1/07

    Come on Warner Bros. Considering some of the really bad stuff released on dvd, I just don't understand the reason for not releasing movies people keep asking for. Movies like Parrish, Susan Slade, Rome Adventure and Palm Srings Weekend would fly off the shelves.

  • DVD Imports

    • pam parsons
    • 4/6/07

    I bought a dvd of Rome Adventure as an import. I was desperate to find it on dvd and hoped this would be ok. Alas, it was of poor quality, which was no big surprise. Warner Bros. has brought me to this.

  • Fine Movie

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/12/06

    This movie is lovely and well acted. Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette are great in the film and kudos to Angie Dickenson. This movie should be on DVD!! As a matter of fact you should have other Troy Donahue films on DVD such as SUSAN SLADE and PARRISH. All these films are well acted. Please put them on DVD!!


    • DUANE
    • 8/18/06


  • Rome Adventure

    • Elaine
    • 7/31/06

    When can we see this lovely movie on TCM?It's has been a long time since the film was presented on television and it's such an enjoyable film that one could not miss it!The actors, the scenery, the music and the storyline all combined make this a beautiful romance. Please put this movie on your channel, not just once, but several times so we can enjoy some GOOD TV!

  • Rome Adventure

    • P Parsons
    • 5/21/06

    It is a lovely movie with the most wonderful backdrops. You feel like you are visiting Italy.

  • Rome Adventure

    • Joanne
    • 4/30/06

    I would love to see the movie on TCM. It seems to be impossible to find any movies from Troy Donohue on DVD. I love your network and hope to see Rome Adventure and other Troy Donohue movies in the near future

  • Rome Adventure

    • Elaine
    • 4/10/06

    This movie hasn't been on any tv schedules for the longest time! It's such an enjoyable movie, just like a Summer Place and other young romance movies from the early sixties. Please schedule these movies in the near future.Thanks!

  • Rome Adventure and a Summer Place. Thank you

    • Emily Maliner
    • 3/25/06

    When will you broadcast Rome Adventure and a Summer Place.Thank you

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