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Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge(1940)

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  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Albert Collins
    • 4/29/19

    If the Robert Taylor character is supposed to be a Brit would it have been too much for him to have used a dialect coach to teach him a British accent? Bette Davis did excellent British accents. Grace Kelly did a nice one in Dial M for Murder.

  • dream of the heartbreak junkie.

    • a.morris
    • 2/16/18

    before you came into my life..i did not know what I did not have. when you left it..i only realized then what you gave me. as great as the pain is.. what I still feel makes me believe it was worth it. one of the best movie messages of tragic love ever.

  • Two Youngsters In Love!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 2/26/16

    Terribly tragic wartime love story, which has spellbinding chemistry between Robert Taylor and Vivien Leigh.

  • Beautiful War-time Film

    • Maureen
    • 2/26/16

    Darn, this thing broke my heart! I was not prepared for the end.

  • Wartime Romance at its Best

    • bonniebaby
    • 7/27/14

    One of the most beautifully made wartime love story of all time! Vivien Leigh, so delicate and lovely, Robert Taylor, strong and handsome, very much in love, but separated by war. VL tries to carry on with her life without her lover with unfortunate consequences. Have the Kleenex will need the whole box!

  • The most romantic movie ever!!

    • Nickie Black
    • 7/26/14

    The first time I saw this movie I was absolutely mesmerized by the sheer beauty and romance that was conveyed by the two most beautiful people in the cinema of that time. It became my all time favorite movie. I bought it in VHS at the time and have watched it over and over, but still overjoyed when it is shown on TV. I just can not get enough of it. I guess I am a die hard romantic, with this being the epitomy of romance during war time. Nothing else comes close except maybe Dr. Zhivago. Robert the ever sexy wartime pilot and Vivian an elegant ballerina fall into a dream of a true romance, only to be separated forever by the cost of war. Everytime I hear Auld Lang Syne I think of them dancing together in the dark and my heart skips a beat. Truly a masterpiece of cinema art.

  • Powerful

    • Leigh
    • 3/26/14

    The greatest love story on screen ever. It drives me in tears everytime I watch it.

  • Great movie with the beautiful Vivien Leigh.

    • Elise Lang
    • 3/25/14

    To H. Martinez: In this movie, the song that Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor danced to was called'The Farewell Waltz'. But we all know it as 'Auld Lang Syne'. The song we sing every New Year's Eve, to bid the old year goodbye and to welcome the new. A Scottish ballad, I believe."Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ...." I read the Vivien Leigh said that this was her favorite movie.

  • Waterloo Bridge (1940)

    • H. Martinez
    • 3/24/14

    Never viewed this movie before, loved it,great actors .But was a sad ending. I also love the the song they danced to.Would anyone know the name ?

  • A Tender & Exquisite Film

    • Judy
    • 10/27/13

    This is my favorite Vivien Leigh Film. Ms. Leigh gives a very delicate & exquisite performance as Myra that is quite heartbreaking to watch - but yet so powerful. Though, like GWTW, she really shines in this film as well, but I have to say it is this one that is my favorite of all of her films. It shows how versatile and wonderful of an actress she truly was. Mr. Taylor and the supporting cast also give very strong performances. I always look forward to seeing this film whenever it is shown on TCM.

  • Vivien Leigh & Robert Taylor's Best Film!

    • Alex West
    • 10/4/13

    I have watched this movie about 10 times now and I can not get enough of it Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor are amazing one of my favorite film of all time the chemistry if both of them are excellent just outstanding I think this film should of won a academy award there are just to many words to say about this movie I going to say it as simple as I can I adore this movie that is all.

  • Vivien Leigh at Her Best

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 6/5/13

    This film is wonderful and terrible to watch. Leigh does such a great job that you are thoroughly engrossed in her character. So when all the tragedy occurs it is literally painful to watch. It can be infuriating to watch Leigh make certain choices that will lead to her downfall; and it hurts! It also amazes me that I see Leigh as Myra and not Scarlett O'Hara. Sometimes when someone gets so defined by a role it's hard to see them as anything but that character. (i.e., Buddy Epson is always Jed Clampett to me no matter where he is or what he is doing.) Not so with Leigh. She just shines in this film. She is so beautiful and her eyes and facial expressions are so genuine that you can't help but empathize with her. As her eyes would tear up so would mine. So, I love and hate this movie because it is so good. Of course I want to watch it to see Vivien Leigh and the story is quite good, but oh why does it have to be so sad?

  • Darling Myra

    • Herbie Harwell
    • 1/29/13

    My favorite Vivien Leigh movie! The misfortunes that dominate "Waterloo Bridge" create not only a tragic romance, but an unforgetable one. Ms. Leigh was never more beautiful. I loved her performance as a superstitious and vulnerable girl, and she was never photographed more perfectly. The decrease of candlelight in the dance hall leading to the moonlit kiss is wonderful! The ending with a broken Myra "lost" on the bridge is forever haunting! Every classic movie fan must see this one!

  • Vivien Leigh's favorite film!

    • RedRain
    • 5/5/12

    I never thought it possible that Leigh could be more beautiful than she was in GWTW but this film shows she was simply breathtaking! Yes, it does get a bit sappy toward the climax but the performances by Leigh and Taylor are so good that you will want to stick it out to the end. Today, such a story seems unthinkable but you would have had to live through war torn London after the war to understand that it was completely plausible back then. Scarce food, no jobs except for returning men and no family could make a girl have to do what she did. It's a grand love story with a tragic ending. A real weeper but so worth viewing!

  • True Classic

    • Jean
    • 5/4/12

    THE definition of a classic tear jerker. Young Vivien is staggeringly beautiful here yet seems so vulnerable and innocent as the tragic Myra. She grabs viewers emotions & makes them desperately route for her salvation and happiness as it all falls apart. She doesn't even have to speak at times, just her eyes or facial movements evoke strong emotions. Taylor is an aimicable & able Roy but she owns this movie. Of course it is dated, but I think if you put aside today's thinking & imagine it all w/i with the conventions of earlier times, it will always be timeless in it's genre; doomed & lost love. If you like dramatic emotional love stories , see this one. If you want to see an amazing actress play to the ages, watch it. It will put you through the wringer if you go with it and you'll be glad you did because they don't make 'em like this anymore!

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Misty
    • 11/13/11

    I love this movie. It is romantic and heartbreaking. Vivien Leigh was simply gorgeous.

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 9/4/11

    Fairly engaging film ... to a point. It makes you think it will be a testament to the power of love but ends up being a mysogenistic lesson in puritanical "virtue." Leigh's character is forced into prostitution to stay alive and is punished by film's end on the archaic basis that men can sleep around because it's "character building," but any woman who does so - even if it is to stay alive - is a sinning slut who must be punished severely and fatally. How anyone can like this disappointing, backward film is a mystery to me. * out of *****

  • Grandiosa

    • Sonia
    • 10/30/10

    Um filme brilhante que arranca lgrimas de quem v. Vivien est radiante com seu talento e graciosiosidade seja quando sua personagem est alegre ou melanclica. Vivien arrassa neste classico dos anos 40. Recomendo que todos assistam e que o TCM exiba o filme para que possamos conhecer mais sobre os filmes desta grande atriz.

  • A Grand Romance

    • Filmguy24
    • 9/23/10

    This is one of the great GRAND romances, the type of movie that cannot be made today. We are too cynical. Vivien Leigh gives a great performance, and inspires Robert Taylor to do likewise, which he readily acknowledged. In this film and in That Hamilton Woman, Vivien was at her most dazzling beauty! Makes my knees weak! This is a beautifully told story, with great performances all around. Mervyn LeRoy was a superb director of these romantic films. It may be an old fashioned story, even for the time, but it is told so well that it is irresistible!


    • Connie
    • 2/20/10

    I was able to just view a portion of this movie, and can not wait until it is shown again. "They" certainly DO NOT make movies like this any longer

  • Vivien Leigh-gorgeous

    • SoCalGal52
    • 2/7/10

    God, she was gorgeous. There were some scenes in this movie where I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Vivien had the most amazing eyes and she could do so much acting with them. Having just finished watching the Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, when she is about 20 odd years older, the comparison is like night and day. Still attractive and not that old by today's standards (younger than what I am right now) her beauty in her youth was awe inspiring.Thanks for showing this TCM, even if it was in the middle of the night and I had to force my eyes open. I've been waiting to see this movie for a long time, it didn't disappoint me. A wonderful story about star crossed lovers set in a time of war. A classic theme that will never die. I loved it and the acting was superb.

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Mije
    • 2/7/10

    My 82 Y.O. mother had begged me to see this movie. Thank you mother!!!I was enthralled at the different characters. Vivian Leigh showed her depth and vicariously allowed me to feel her pain. Thank God this movie is in black and white as it is haunting in its imagery. Thanks TCM for showing this outstanding film.

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Mije
    • 2/7/10

    My 82 Y.O. mother had begged me to see this movie. Thank you mother!!!I was enthralled at the different characters. Vivian Leigh showed her depth and vicariously allowed me to feel her pain. Thank God this movie is in black and white as it is haunting in its imagery. Thanks TCM for showing this outstanding film.

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Derrick T. Ivory
    • 2/7/10

    This is a classic movie, they don,t make movie,s like this anymore it,s a shame, today,s movie,s don,t have any substance. Vivien Leighh,s and Robert Taylor gave a outstanding performance. Im 46yrs old, everytime I watch a movie on tcm it,s takes me back in time. Betty Davis was right the actors from abroad were from the stage,like Paul Muni, James Mason, claude Raines,ect, were excellent. If you don,t watch TCM you are missing priceless movies. God Bless TCM.

  • Vivien Leigh's Best Film

    • Beata
    • 11/4/09

    My favorite film of all time! Leigh and Taylor each considered it their best film. A hauntingly beautiful and tragic story with excellent performances from the entire cast. Highly underrated.

  • More than Oscar worthy

    • ms. miniver
    • 11/6/08

    The splendor of 1939 continued in 1940 with Waterloo Bridge. This is a beautiful movie worthy of a Best Picture nomination. Vivien Leigh looks just as pretty in black and white as she does in color. She is almost the opposite of Scarlet O'Hara, she is self-sacraficing and willing to pay to pay for her sins. Where as Scarlet would marry Roy anyway, Myra killed herself. Robert Taylor, Kitty, and Lady Cronin all gave very touching performances. I was crying at the end!

  • Thank you dear "Y"!

    • Flora
    • 9/9/08

    Dear user named "Y", I wanted to thank you for your thoughful act in providing us with this great news-being that Waterloo Bridge is finally out on DVD. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this news. Needless to say, I had relied on TCM for this but it seems like they have no clue about it.After reading your comment, I googled and placed my order w/ and I just received my DVD. So I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I can't wait to watch it over and over and over. And oh yes, I will tune in on Nov. 5th to watch it on TCM as well. ^-^

  • The most beautiful-touching drama

    • Mei Baugh
    • 7/19/08

    I've seen this movie many times.I am still not feeling enough to cry over and over again.It made me sad but loved them so much.

  • this movie has just come out on dvd

    • y
    • 7/9/08

    one of the best love stories ever. it has just resently come out on dvd


    • Cora
    • 6/6/08

    One of the best love stories ever told on the screen-acted by one of the most beautiful couples on the screen. It truely is a classic and I can never get enough of this movie. Unfortunely, it can't be found anywhere so please TCM, hear my cry and air this thought-provoking movie SOON!!! Oh and yes, I too am waiting impatiently for the release of the DVD as well. Thank you in advance. ^_^

  • Please Please please get this on Dvd

    • christina
    • 4/27/08

    I just love waterloo bridge[1940] vivien leigh was so great in it and I love the chemistry between her and robert taylor. it's a wonderful story and film which needs to be relesed on dvd. please get this classic on dvd.

  • A Wonderful love story

    • Julia
    • 4/25/08

    Please air this film again soon. Don't get enough of Robert Taylor or Vivien Leigh. Should be on DVD. Thanks, TCM.


    • Flora
    • 1/25/08

    I just can't get enough of this movie. I watched it again last night and my husband is beginning to think that something is wrong with me. I totally love everything about this movie and truly can't wait for the DVD. Does anyone know how many votes we need for the release of the DVD? But until then, can you please air it again? A million thanks.

  • Will It Be ON AGAIN?!?

    • Sandy
    • 1/25/08

    What a rare wonderful movie. I have never seen this one before. I have often looked for other VLeigh movies that were as historic as GoneWTWind. This is a treasure! Please release on DVD! Would be worth purchase!

  • One of my favorites.

    • Carol
    • 12/29/07

    i try to watch this movie everytime i see it. I love it and just thought about it tonight, while watching another movie, and decided to find out when it was going to be shown again. was happy to find it will be in around a month, and ordered a reminder. This and Mrs. Miniver movies are some of my favorites. keep them running!!!

  • fab

    • charlie
    • 12/22/07

    great movie and can anyone tell me ,who sang the song auld lang syne cheers charlie x if you have the answer please e mail me at thanks

  • What a movie!

    • Rachel
    • 12/3/07

    I have been eagerly awaiting seeing this movie again, and I plan to stay up tonight to do so. This film is incredible! Ms. Vivien is lovely and powerful as always, and Robert Taylor is equally amazing. This movie sticks with you long after seeing it, and I hope like crazy it can be released on DVD! Quite a unique story, that at times can bring tears to your eyes. Absolutely stunning in every way. A must see!

  • Unforgettable Experience!

    • Flora
    • 11/30/07

    Please, please, please release this movie on DVD. One of the best memorable experieces of my life was to watch this movie and learn so much from these unfortunate people. I'm in my mid-thirties and I heard about this movie from my parents and when TCM aired it at the middle of the night I made sure to watch it and it truely had an unforgettable imfact on me. Thank you TCM and please bring this poignant movie to DVD.

  • Fantastic!

    • Hughes L. Motley
    • 11/29/07

    One of the few outstanding films of all time.

  • MY LIFE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jon
    • 11/20/07

    There is a lesson for all of us here.

  • An Unforgettable Film

    • Diane
    • 11/18/07

    This film is not as well known as it deserves to be. Robert Sherwood's talent aside, the plot was stale even back in 1940. But seldom have I seen direction and performances elevate a minor story to such heights. Mervyn LeRoy's direction was totally on the money and the casting of supporting roles was inspired, especially Virginia Field--I would watch this movie over and over for her performance alone! Robert Taylor was never better, and it is easy to see why this was his favorite role. And then there's Miss Leigh--beautiful beyond belief. I have been watching this film on television (always at ungodly hours) for over 45 years and I am still amazed at her performance every time I view it. Would take out a second mortgage on my house to see a colorized version. My favorite film.

  • THe film is epitomy of Greatness on all counts

    • Hesham
    • 6/24/07

    What more do they want? Waterloo Bridge is an Ideal film to have released on DVD, its has all the ingredients of success thriving all over the title.A great film with Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor in their Prime, of which both of whom have selected this film as their personal favourite in all of their filmography!There is also a rumored colourised version, oh please MGM/Universal/Columbia or whoever owns the rights release it on DVD !

  • One of the best!

    • Janet
    • 5/14/07

    This movie has it all--romance, great actors, heartbreak. This is one of my favorites. Hope it will be released soon on DVD.

  • All time favorite

    • Sandy
    • 4/24/07

    I just love this movie. One of my old time favorites. Robert Taylor is so handsome and Vivien Leigh she is a beauty. Awesome movie. Would be great if this movie were to be release on DVD.

  • Please release on DVD!

    • Patty
    • 4/21/07

    I adore this movie. Wonderful, tragic, gorgeous, romantic tearjerker! It's unfortunate that it's not well known. Vivien Leigh is incredible in this movie. PLEASE don't let this movie be forgotten--I implore you to release it on DVD and publicize it well.


    • adela delos
    • 2/27/07

    It was de more beautiful movie IVE EVER SEEN,PLEASE RELEASE IT IN DVD AND LET ME NOW

  • Waterloo Bridge - Release it on DVD!

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/30/06

    This is a beautiful film, probably not as well known as some other classic romantic films such as "An Affair to Remember" and "Now, Voyageur". TCM needs to show this film during prime time in the evening...and not during the wee early hours of the morning. It is definitely a classic film with top notch performances by the beautiful Vivien Leigh along with Robert Taylor. And PLEASE release it on DVD!

  • Vivian Leigh: great actress; beautiful woman.

    • dobbsy
    • 6/27/06

    Remember seeing this film many years ago. Should be on video.

  • Play it often!!!!!!

    • Maggy
    • 6/26/06

    Viv basically ditched Selznick before her contract could be fulfilled, so it is so great that we have this film, and GWTW (among others). This film shows her talent, versatility, and stunning beauty. I saw this film about 30+ years ago, and have seen it numerous times, since. It would have been interesting to see her in more American productions, but sadly this was not to be. I think she is underrated but her beauty and performances stand the test of time!

  • play it over again

    • lorraine ramsingh
    • 2/28/06

    this is my favorite movie- would you please show it on Prime time and not early on a week day. Glorious film.

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