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An American Romance

An American Romance(1944)


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  • This could have been a Great Movie.

    • James Melka
    • 6/17/19

    This movie, the third "installment" of King Vidor's "War, Wheat, and Steel" dream for the perfect motion picture themes, could have been a masterpiece. The first version of it, BEFORE The Office Of War Information tried to mold it into a "hymn" to The New Deal, and a never-never land of war worker and management "harmony" , was a much rougher and human saga, painted across the vastness of The United States, and The Industrial Revolution. After many Governmental forced changes, and bureaucratic stalls, the movie came out at 151 minutes, and was much less than the "Epic" that Mr. Vidor imagined. Stefan's "raw manhood" had been tamed, and the texture of the whole film had been changed. After it's first preview screening, with much of the "meat" gone, the select audience thought the picture far too long. M.G.M. then trimmed 30 minutes, but, unfortunately trimmed the "human interest" parts, in order to save "musical continuity". So, this "could be Epic" was butchered so that the music would not have to be rescored.It cost M.G.M. 3 Million (1944) Dollar$ to make this thing. They lost 1.7 Million on it. After seeing the final cut that was released to the public, King Vidor went back to his office at M.G.M. and packed all his things. He said that he had spent 3 years of his life working on something that was ruined by Government meddling, and the cutting room scissors. He never worked for M.G.M. again.The Government's Office Of War Information was very pleased with the finished film.

  • Sprawling Epic

    • pete
    • 9/6/18

    A sprawling epic truncated by a tragic set of circumstances after its premier. Apparently due to theater owner's complaints, the length was cut considerably and it shows. It still remains a very watchable film by the legendary King Vidor. Top quality production. I especially enjoyed watching the actual location scenes of the various factories. The period auto and plane production was fascinating. The movie isn't without heart and the personal journey of the main character and his family is quite touching. Please, TCM, if at all possible, get ahold of Vidor's original full-length vision and allow us to experience this epic tale as it was meant to be told.

  • Should have been a WW 2 "classic" but missed

    • Jon hendry
    • 7/5/17

    Yes--with Spencer Tracy--with more continuity--this should have been the movie to see on VE Day and VJ Day. It tried. "An American Romance"? No--call it "Mass Production". King Vidor wanted to show WW2 being "won" in Detroit--and Lockheed/Burbank. Look closely--50% of the airplane assembly line workers are women--"Rosie the Riveters" in head scarves--And it's just "straight ahead" without comment. But what Aaron Copeland could have added for a score. Airplane after airplane--a place for some comment--and for bad cutting and trimming--the movie just ends.Compare to Dana Andrews in "Best Years of Our Lives" in the airplane "boneyard"--a U-turn in American society in just 3 years--from the war's triumph to the uncertain peace.Listen closely--though--never the word "union" is spoken--just "organization".And even a laugh--if you've seen "Tucker"--did Preston Tuckersee this movie before building his "Tucker" auto? The cars Brian Donlevy was building--the crash tests--et al--soundsLike the "Tucker" saga.Should have been better--still very interesting.

  • an american romance

    • kevin sellers
    • 12/12/14

    Overly long, overly patriotic blob of a movie. And I say that as a Vidor fan! I realize that any movie made in 1944 had to wave the flag, but it's a pity that the love for America (thus the title) overwhelms and waters down what could have been a much more interesting movie about generational conflict undergirding labor/management conflict. If Vidor had made this film ten years earlier I'd be willing to bet that the more radical elements would have triumphed over the nationalistic. As far as the performances go, everyone is decent, but no one stands out. Which kinds of summarizes this film. Give it a C plus.

  • American Romance

    • Rita Wastler
    • 12/8/14

    What a great movie, it brought back the time when I became a citizen.

  • Supberb Movie

    • Nicholas Bombardo
    • 11/30/13

    I saw this movie when it was 11 years old and I thought it was the best movie I ever saw. I have only seen it once since then and would watch it every time it played. Fantastic story. I still say it was a great movie.

  • It brought tears to my eyes, literally!

    • Jack
    • 6/26/12

    There was a time in America, when people took pride in the growing strength of the nation, its freedom and boundless opportunities for self expression through whatever endeavor took our fancy, including the creation of industrial power. We saw it as good, and it was. Those who built the nation did so with their hands, brains endurance and love of country. This film portrays a segment of my life, and that which preceded my entrance onto the American stage which set that stage for events that became my earliest memories. My grandparents were of the age of the hero, Steve Dangos, and they worked as he did, albeit without the degree of success that the film portrays. My parents and their siblings went to the next level.We were a good people, and that shows in this film. My eyes welled with tears because the USA of my childhood has melted away like ice cream on a July day in the desert I now call home. Can we ever get it back? Who knows? I only know that the current leadership has no roots in that wonderful era, and views it with disdain. What was good is bad; what is bad is good, and when things are upside down and inside out, we all have reason to weep.If someone does not like this film it might be because they cannot begin to understand the beauty of what we had and lost. Pity for them and the rest of us.

  • Donlevy was first rate

    • Jerome Albano
    • 6/26/12

    Brian Donlevy's performance was first rate in this wonderful film. It left nothing to be desired for me.

  • An American Romance

    • C Kellner
    • 6/7/12

    A pro- American, pro-life, pro-capitalist, pro-Christian movie. No wonder the liberal media is no fan.

  • An America Romance SHOULD BE SEEN

    • Tom Morey
    • 6/7/12

    Although this movie, like it's title, is too long... too wide in its attempt to capture all that seemed to be going on in the author's time and way thick with far more characters than necessary, it was ENTERTAINING and educational. Covered the steel industry better than anything I've seen in 70 years of movie going. And includes spectacular footage of the building of WWII aircraft.Yes, you've already seen much of what the plot line explores. But keep in mind this 1940s film probably said it first.If a movie transports me back in time and fools me into thinking I'm actually there, and makes me regret awaken to my own cheap real life plot, then I say it's GOOD. This was a good movie... 7.7 on a scale of 10.

  • American Romance

    • William A. Ward III
    • 12/7/09

    The uncut version of this fine film shows how this country was so successfully built in part by its immigrant population. The abridged version shown on TCM is not what should be used to evaluate this worthy motion picture. The full two and a half hour film should be committed to DVD.

  • One of the Few Truly Patriotic American Films.

    • Alex Fraser
    • 6/25/08

    If we are talking about the original 151 minute, Technicolor version of AN AMERICAN ROMANCE, it is one of our great unsung, underrated, genuinely inspiring films. The story of peasant Steve Dangos' journey from Middle Europe to the great Mesabi Iron Range of Minnesota, and hence to Lake freighters, steel mills, car manufacturing and airplane building is the American success story. How Dangos marries, has a successful family, and comes to head his own corporation may seem dull, even unrealistic, evidently, to some on this board, but it is how America was built. Not everyone had the success of a Steve Dangos, but many an immigrant like an Andrew Carnagie or Walter Chrysler, had a winning shot at it. Vidor's labor of love, the cast, the story, the documentary footage of American work and production are unparalleled. America, just sixty to seventy years ago was a genuine model for the World. Alas, we let it mostly slip through our fingers, and now apparently we require the speed of a video game and the heart of a robot to stimulate us, in movies, in society. We have become a two-bit copy of the Roman Empire, throwing our atomic weight around. It will come to no good. Too bad.

  • An unknown movie

    • Adam Tawfik
    • 11/25/07

    TCM has users put their email in so their vote will only be counted once. So there are probably more people that like this film than you think. They're just not as vocal as the people who disliked the film. I think This system works because movies like Marie Antoinette were released after the thousands of votes on this fourm. If you really want a movie to be released, then you should publisize it.

  • Learn to spell.

    • Stevie Anne
    • 6/15/07

    Did not like the movie. Only one person really did, that's why he keeps on voting and voting and voting for it. Good thing we are keeping an eye on you in the forums.

  • America is a magic land

    • Anne
    • 6/15/07

    Great story line. AN Brain Donlevy is a under rated actor.

  • A tale of making it in America

    • Steven
    • 6/1/07

    A story of on immigant making it in America ,and it able to pay his new country back.

  • Boring, flat out waste of time.

    • Michael
    • 5/30/07

    The only purpose that this movie serves is to keep a guy in Canada happy. He is the only ONE that likes it.

  • This movie does not belong at the top.

    • Helen Petrone
    • 5/23/07

    I clicked on the movie to check out the top nine and can not for the life of me understand how this movie keeps jumping up in the ratings. Has anyone even heard of it? It is quite obvious that someone is doctoring the ratings.

  • What?!?!?

    • Confused
    • 5/21/07

    How the heck did this get such a high rating? Some ONE person must really like it.

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