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Green Dolphin Street

Green Dolphin Street(1947)

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  • Green Dolphin Street

    • Summer
    • 8/8/16

    I have seen the movie once and I liked it. I'm reading the book and for the person who wonders how a man so drunk could write a love letter and mistake the names, check out the book. It's based on a true story. And in the book, he got "rolled" by a woman in China before he went to New Zealand. I'm enjoying the book and now I would like to see the movie again. I'm hoping TCM will show it soon.

  • green dolphin street

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/20/15

    When a movie is trying for tears, it's always a good idea to avoid hilarity. Referring, of course, to the scene where Donna Reed's mom, played by Gladys Cooper, has a properly weepy death bed scene, with mom advising daughter not to waste her life in loving the wrong person, while dad, played by Edmund Gwenn, holds his wife's hand and expresses his undying etc etc. So far, so good. A true three hankie scene. But then mom dies, Reed goes to her room and weeps (fourth hankie, please) a letter from her true love in New Zealand arrives (fifth hankie) and the cloying music is playing and there isn't a dry eye from here to Auckland, and then a priest comes in, and Reed asks how her dad is taking it and the priest blandly and unctuously replies that her dad has just died of heartbreak, thirty seconds after her momand I started laughing and couldn't stop until Reed decides to be a nun, when I started laughing again. Anyway, in between bouts of merriment, I can report that there is a pretty good Lana Turner performance as a rather manipulative, strong willed woman who, of course since this is 1947 sexist Hollywood,learns the value of submission to her boob of a husband (see Denscul's review below), as well as good character turns from the always fine Frank Morgan, playing a kindly doc, and Reginald Owen as a gruff sea captain.Give it a C.

  • Too Long, too many illogical scenes

    • denscul
    • 4/17/15

    My main problem, on which the film could not take the direction it did, was that if a man was so drunk as was the character, he wouldn't have been able to write a letter. If he was able to write a letter, he would not have written such an error. Really, a man in love with one woman, would not confuse the names.Then after writing the love letter, he visits another woman, and gets rolled. It would have been better to show those scenes, and cut half of the wasted film. Three great stars and supporting actors gone to waste. My wife on the other hand, loved it. But she likes soap operas too.

  • Excellent movie.

    • Elsa
    • 3/13/15

    I have seen this movie probably 5 times. Never get tired of it. I only wish they will show it more often, like once a year. Love it.

  • Historical Fiction

    • lanaoklikedonnabtr
    • 3/2/15

    Good film based on great book.Richard Hart stars as William,son of an MD,who goes to sea.Promises to marry Marguerite who he loves,but thru many twists of stupidity on his part,marries the more business-minded sister,Lana Turner.Their mother and his father were in a similar triangle,and the mother grew to love the man she married,as did William and Marianne.

  • Just seen on TCM

    • janet
    • 3/2/15

    first time viewing; recommend it highly. Great special effects of an earthquake and resultant tidal wave. Avant Garde portrayal of a strong woman for the time this movie was made. Interesting historical account of New Zealand's settlement and it's surrounding islands.

  • Romance and adventure

    • TK
    • 2/27/14

    My mom and dad used to talk about this movie and now I know why. It's an epic story of romance and adventure with an all star cast, wonderful music score, and striking cinematography. The scene where Lana Turner tries to comfort her frightened daughter in the dark of night amid the Maori war chants from the surrounding jungle is as chilling as anything you'll ever see on screen.

  • Great film!

    • RedRain
    • 8/10/13

    I've always loved this film. The breadth of it is historically wonder-filled and the storyline is just perfection. Excellent performances from the entire cast but it is Lana Turner who really excels playing opposite the much-underrated Van Heflin. Lana Turner is soft and lovely but extremely ambitious and tough as the film progresses. Van Heflin's character loves her so for her very toughness and he is equal to her in that. The beautiful Richard Hart, secretly in love with Lana's sister, Donna Reed, is spineless and desperately needs the strength of Turner whom he marries after sending for Reed but drunkenly writing in Tuner's name by mistake. The special effects, particularly the major earthquake scene, are exceptional and justifiably won the Academy Award. The cinematography in this film is also exceptional and I am so glad it is in black and white, as color would have spoiled the impact of the film. Pay attention to the sailing ship, the Green Dolphin. It is just beautiful and extremely well-detailed.

  • the convent at 'Mont Saint-Michel'

    • alice ling
    • 5/22/13

    I agree with Jordan that:'The scenes that show the convent across the water and high on the hill are breathtaking.' (Google ''Mont Saint-Michel' and you will see pictures.I think the exterior scenes are shot at the convent at 'Mont Saint-Michel' in Normandy, France.I visited the site many years ago (about 1990). Seemed like you had to walk up a hill to reach the convent. At the bottom of the hill there was a woman whose small restaurant was famous for her omelettes.We didn't get any because it was just past lunch time and the omelettes were expensive. About $20 in 1990? Has anyone tried it?Would like to see this wonderful movie gain on TCM. (Don't own a VCR).

  • Green Dolphin Street

    • S. Burke
    • 2/5/13

    When will it air again on TV? It is my all-time favorite movie.

  • Green Dolphin Street

    • Richard
    • 5/23/12

    Saw this when I was in very early teens, made an impression on me and had to buy the book. The book is just as good as the movie maybe a bit better. Glad to hear the movies in now on DVD.

  • Green Dolphin Street

    • Antoinette
    • 2/7/12

    I saw this movie over 45 years ago and have been wanting to buy it ever of the best movies ever made...hoping it will be released on dvd soon. Thank you

  • Update on DVD release

    • Ron
    • 12/13/11

    Received my GREEN DOLPHIN STREET dvd from the Warner Brothers retail site in today's mail. It is ligitimate, it is the original MGM release from 1947 AND it is the remastere edition. FINALLY !! The url is The cost is 20 bucks plus tax with free shipping.

  • Good news regarding DVD release !

    • Ron
    • 12/13/11

    As many other folks, I was a mid-teenager when I saw this film the first and ONLY time. It was probably the first "adult" movie that really made an impression on me. I have lost some of the details of the movie, but the story has stuck with me for around 50 years. It is a great, great film. Can't wait to watch on TCM. ....Of interest to many fans, there is good news regarding the DVD release --After searching hours in hopes of finding news of a release of the movie, I happened upon the Warner Brothers retail site and to my surprise, they are advertising it for sale on a "print on demand" basis. It is 20 bucks plus tax with free shipping. I haven't received it yet, but it has shipped. It all appears to be legitimate. I have ordered from this site before, and have never been disappointed. The url is

  • Voting Criteria for DVD Release

    • Alan
    • 11/8/11

    Today is Monday November 7, 2011. This movie is still not available on Home Video. Does anyone have information regarding how many Votes are needed, or what the Rank number needs to be at, in order to meet TCM criteria for DVD release? The present results are listed below. Total votes: 1654Rank: 63In reading previous reviews by Leonard Maltan, The New York Times, Variety, and other Critics, I understand their critique of this movie. But in the end, I make up my own mind if a movie holds my attention, (or not), and this movie did! It received Academy Award nominations in 1947 for Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Editing, and won a 1948 Academy Award for Best Special Effects. I also enjoy the many discussions of filmography and historyonics that Robert Osborne provides at the beginning and end of films shown on TCM. I would like to see more background discussions given about Set Decorator, Edwin B. Willis; Hairstylist, Sydney Guilaroff; Make-up Artist, Jack Dawn; Costumer, Irene; and Costumer, Walter Plunkett...because these are names we've all read on many film credits of the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's. These names have appeared more times than most producers and directors from this same era.

  • Lana Turner in Green Dolphin Street

    • Nicholas Narduzzi
    • 5/14/10

    Lana Turner plays an extraordinary role in this high intensity, emotional, drama as she competes for the love of a young man with her sister. After seeing this film, I became subdued by Lana's unparalleled beauty and emotion that she evokes from within.

  • Who's younger, who's older?

    • Christine
    • 5/13/10

    I love listening to Robert Osborne at the end of each movie I watch. He is so knowledgeable and always has something interesting and new to say. But he may have made a slight error last night at the end of this film. He stated that Donna Reed was the younger sister in the film (true) but that in real life she was actually two weeks older then Lana Turner. But according to TCM. Lana was born in Feb. 1920 and Donna was born in Jan. 1921. According to IMDB, both ladies were born in early 1921, with Donna in Jan. and Lana in Feb. which would make Donna about two weeks older. IMDB does acknowledge though that Lana may have fibbed about her age by one year, which was somewhat common in those days and they say that it is most likely that Lana was born in 1920, which of course would make her older then Donna by one year. I don't know from where Osborne got his information, certainly not the TCM bio page. I know this isn't earth shattering information, but if Donna Reed were still alive, I'm sure she would want people to know that she was the younger of the two ladies.About the movie, it was very good. A wonderful performance by Lana, one of her best and a heartbreaking performance by Donna and her lost love. Both women were damn good actresses.

  • Hoping For DVD of this great film

    • Mary K
    • 5/2/10

    After seeing this movie the first time, I have never wanted to miss it. I think it is an outstanding movie for its time. The story is interesting, the earthquake is well done for its time, and the end of the story is very moving. I hope there will be a well done DVD of this film soon. I would add it to my library immediately

  • Green Dolphin Street

    • Joanie
    • 2/12/10

    I saw this movie when I was in 8th grade at St.John's Catholic School in Iowa & it made such an impression on me. Here it is 60+ yrs. later & I remember the whole movie & wonderful story and the stars. I hope TCM has it on soon. Thank you. Joanie

  • Green Dolphin Street (1947)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/28/09

    Outstanding melodrama, extremely well produced and it has some awesome special effects. Great story, well acted by all. Lana Turner excels in one of her finest performances. The supporting cast is first rate. Exciting story, very well done.


    • Jordan
    • 9/12/09

    "Green Dolphin Street" shares the stories of two generations of ladies who lose out on living a life with their great loves. Lana Turner, Donna Reed and Gladys Cooper do superior jobs in their roles. The scenes that show the convent far across the water and high on the hill are breathtaking. Can't imagine how long that jaunt really would have taken to walk from the convent to town. As with most movies, time really flies by with birth, deaths and bad weather. It's no wonder that William has the ladies flocking around him as he is a kind and handsome man, like his father Dr. Ozanne. This enjoyable story will keep you interested from beginning to end!

  • Great Movie

    • Milo
    • 9/11/09

    This is one of the most interesting storylines in the history of the cinema. A great film with superb players of fascinating characters. Unforgettable. And when you hear Sarah Vaughn sing the title theme on one her albums it makes one appreciate the experience all over again.

  • Lifelong memory of this movie

    • Susan Pilutti
    • 8/2/09

    I saw this movie likely 45 years ago and never forgot it. I'd absolutely love to see it again...I've never forgotten it!

  • My Favorite Movie

    • Karen
    • 7/19/09

    This is such a remarkable story. A friend, who has since died told me about GDS, and it was many years before I finally saw it on TCM. Every actor delivered a first-rate performance, and the Oscar-winning special effects are still breathtaking! I highly suggest reading the novel by Elizabeth Goudge, since, as usual, there is so much more to the story than could be fit into a motion picture. It would make a terrific mini-series,so that more of the story could be told, but I'm not sure anyone could top, or even compare to the acting of Lana, Donna, Van, Richard, and all the others. GDS is available on VHS "In Glorious Black and White" on Amazon.

  • Wonderful Display of Love

    • Kristi
    • 4/4/09

    This movie is an amazing story of True Love. I was so suprised that a movie of it's time could bring me to tears. Sacrifice, Pain, Love, Devotion. This is a beautiful movie and I'm shocked that TCM hasn't played it more. I keep telling my family of it and Im dissappointed that it's not available on DVD, through TCM. I highly recommend this and it's such a different movie than I expected when I saw that Lana Turner was in it.

  • I can't believe this movie exists

    • Marc Cormier
    • 3/5/09

    I am from Saint-Pierre and I can assure you nobody locally has ever heard of this movie. Discovering this is such a thrill for local history buffs and we would love to learn more about the movie, the book and the author.

  • What a great movie!

    • Janet Houck
    • 2/26/09

    I cannot believe that as much as I watch TCM that I never saw GREEN DOLPHIN STREET before. Hope it is on again because I unfortunately missed part of it.

  • Green Dolphin Street is a great movie.

    • Mary Joyce
    • 11/20/08

    My VHS of Green dolphin Street has just broke and will not rewind any longer. I enjoy watching Green Dolphin Street very much so to purchase a DVD would be a great Christmas present for me; also, TCM should show this movie ASAP. There are many that will enjoy.

  • Fabulous Movie!!

    • Linda
    • 11/2/08

    I'm so surprised to see this movie is not avaiable on home video/dvd. It is such a great movie -- Lana Turner gives an excellent performance as do several other actors; the special effects are "unexpected" in the movie and are surprisingly spectacular, and beyond all this the storyline is very intriging. What else can you ask for in a movie?? It's on the top of my "not on home video" list as well as my first choice of movies to be featured on "The Essentials."It's unfortunate that Green Dolphin Street is not more readily visible. I saw it about 2 years ago and was amazed by it! I have kept a look-out for future airings ever since. It's very possible I've missed this movie each time it was scheduled, but as I said it's been two years since I personally last saw it on TCM. TCM is my favorite channel and 98% of the time my TV is on it's tuned to TCM. However, it does seem like some movies are played once every month or two; and other movies are very rarely aired.

  • green dolphin street

    • pam trout
    • 9/15/08

    this movie was made before i was born ,but i watched it with my mom...& never forgot it!!it is fabulous..please play it ..& let me know when you do ..or anyone who might make it available to buy..mahalo

  • Green Dolphin Street

    • Peach
    • 6/5/08

    One of my favorite movies. Please let me know when it will be played again on TCM.Also is their a way to find out when it will be released on DVD?

  • I want this movie!

    • Johnnie Mae Dunlap
    • 4/17/08

    Where can I buy this movie! My Dad recordeded it for me and I let someone borrow it and they lost it. I had never heard of it, but my Dad know how much I love old movies, so when I was pregnant he recorded a lot of old movies for me. I let someone see it along with Rebeca by Alfred Hitchcock and haven't seen either of them. Please let me know where or when I can get both of them.

  • this is one of the BEST

    • Mary Shelton
    • 3/25/08

    this movie has everything. A heartrending story, an earthquake and flood or tidal wave. Why it has not been put on DVD I am at a loss to understand. If iit ever is, I will certainly buy it. The acting is very good as well as the photography. Every thing about this movie says that it sould be one to watch over and over again.

  • Oldie But Goodie

    • kathleen Calligan
    • 3/25/07

    Green Dolphin Street with Lana Turner & Van Heflin as Tiger-Roo, Roo is a true oldie but goodie. I've seen it on TCM and hopefully they will show it again soon.

  • Fabulous!

    • Jane
    • 2/21/07

    I had read this book forty years ago and didn't know it was also a movie until this week. Thanks for showing it -- it was wonderful!! When you put it out on DVD, I will buy it and share it with friends. Thanks again!!

  • I've been looking for this movie for 25 yrs!

    • opal
    • 2/9/07

    True movie lovers are missing out on this great classic...just look at the actor list....the movie embodies everything...mystery, love, family, intrigue, anticipation, reality, drama...just a masterpiece waiting to be discovered by the current generation...will somebody PLEASE just do it and bring this movie to dvd...heck, i'll take it on VHS I'm so desparate for it....Somebody email me at Owenterus if you can get me a copy.. love everybody, Opal


    • JOHN
    • 1/30/07

    Can't understand why it's not more popular.

  • This movie needs to be on DVD!

    • Rose
    • 8/29/06

    I started watching this movie well passed the time I should have been asleep, I stayed up to watch the whole thing. Granted I was exhausted the next morning, but I felt it was worth it. It has a great story line and steller performances, headed up by the great Lana Turner. A must see for anyone who loves classic films and dramatic love stories.

  • GDS

    • patricia
    • 8/16/06

    I love this movie!! I like both stories in the plot....good watching!!

  • DVD for Green Dolphin Street

    • Michelle
    • 7/25/06

    I simply loved the movie. Good performances and fantastic storyline. But am disappointed that this movie is not available on DVD. Would love to have as part of my classic collection.


    • 7/24/06



    • SYLVIA
    • 2/18/06


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