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Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams



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Also Known As: Died: May 28, 1969
Born: December 31, 1897 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: United Kingdom Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Skullduggery (1970) as Judge Draper
An expedition into the interior of Papua New Guinea comes across a tribe of ape-like people who may or may not be ancestors of early man. However, the influence of modern man is to have devastating effects upon these forgotten people.
Our Man Flint (1966) as Dr. Krupov
When scientists use eco-terrorism to impose their will on the world by affecting extremes in the weather, top agent Derek Flint is called in.
The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) as Charlie Bob Striker
A ranch-owner's four sons vow to avenge their father's death.
Midnight Lace (1960) as Victor Elliott
A young woman can't get anyone to believe she's being stalked.
Merry Andrew (1958) as Constable
An archaeologist's search for Roman treasure gets him mixed up with a circus troupe.
Raintree County (1957) as Ezra Gray
In this sumptuous Civil War story, a willful southern belle goes mad out of fear that she may be part black.
The Restless Breed (1957) as Reverend Simmons
Educated but hot-headed Mitch Baker travels to the border town of Mission intent on avenging the death of his secret service father at the hand of contraband gang leader Newton.
Mohawk (1956) as Clem Jones
When a Boston artist is commissioned to paint landscapes, he gets caught up in a land war between settlers and the Mohawks.
The Boss (1956) as Stanley Millard
A crusading politician falls prey to the temptations of power.
The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) as Brian Tibbs
A reformed gunslinger''''s past keeps catching up with him.
The Desperados Are in Town (1956) as Jud Collins
Nightmare (1956) as Deputy Torrence
After being hypnotized into committing murder, a young musician has to reconstruct his actions to clear his name.
Many Rivers to Cross (1955) as Lige Blake
A pioneer woman sets her sights on a trapper.
Battle Cry (1955) as Enoch Rogers
A group of Marines eagerly await deployment during World War II.
How To Be Very, Very Popular (1955) as Cedric Flagg
Song-and-dance girls Curly and Stormy Tornado hide out with the guys at Bristol College when they know they can identify the killer of a fellow performer at their San Francisco cabaret. But they rather stand out in their stage costumes and soon all sorts of trouble is heading their way. The fact that Curly has been hypnotised doesn't help.
The Kentuckian (1955) as Constable
A backwoodsman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas.
The Scarlet Coat (1955) as Peter
An American officer goes undercover to unmask a Revolutionary War traitor.
The King's Thief (1955) as Turnkey
A highwayman uncovers a plot to assassinate King Charles II.
The Black Shield of Falworth (1954) as Dicon Bowman
Technicolor & tights. In the days of King Henry IV, stalwart young Myles and his sister Meg have been raised as peasants, without any knowledge of who their father really was. But one day they journey to Macworth castle. There Myles falls in love with the Mackworth's daughter Anne, makes friends and enemies, and learns to be a knight so that, through the planning of Mackworth and his friend, Prince Hal, Myles can regain his true birthright from the evil Albon, and bear the black shield of Falworth.
There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) as Father Dineen
A blonde beauty upsets a show business family.
Johnny Guitar (1954) as Mr. Andrews
A lady saloon owner battles a female rancher out to frame her for murder.
Bad for Each Other (1954) as Dr. Scobee
A doctor returned from the Korean War must choose between setting up a glamorous practice and helping the poor.
Scandal at Scourie (1953) as Bill Swazey
Controversy erupts in a small Canadian town when a Protestant couple tries to adopt a Catholic child.
Man in the Attic (1953) as William Harley
A landlady suspects her mysterious new tenant is Jack the Ripper.
Julius Caesar (1953) as Lucilius
An all-star adaptation of Shakespeare''''s classic about Julius Caesar''''s assassination and its aftermath.
Okinawa (1952) as "Robby" Roberg
(War ''52,BW). Pat O''Brien, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Denning, Rhys Williams, James Dobson, Richard Benedict, Alvy Moore. The gun crew of a destroyer stationed off Okinawa duke it out with the Japanese during the Pacific Campaign of WWII.
Plymouth Adventure (1952) as Mr. Weston
Epic dramatization of the Pilgrims'''' journey to the new world on the Mayflower.
Carbine Williams (1952) as Redwick Karson
True story of the convicted bootlegger who fought for his freedom by inventing a new rifle.
Meet Me at the Fair (1952) as Pete McCoy
In 1904, Doc Tilbee, medicine show huckster and champion tall-tale teller, gives a ride to a young boy escaped from an orphanage, where bad conditions (the result of political graft) are being investigated by new appointee Zerelda Wing, who doesn't know that her fiancée is one of the politicians responsible. Tad wants to stay with his new friend Doc, who is attracted to Zerelda, to the discomfiture of his old flame Clara...all amid nostalgic musical numbers.
Les Miserables (1952) as Brevet
An obsessive policeman relentlessly hunts a man who escaped prison after stealing bread.
The World in His Arms (1952) as Eben Cleggett
Roistering sea captain Jonathan Clark, who poaches seal pelts from Russian Alaska, meets and woos Russian countess Marina in 1850 San Francisco. Events separate them, but after an exciting sea race to the Pribilof Islands they meet again; now, both are in danger from the schemes of villainous Prince Semyon.
Mutiny (1952) as Redlegs
Early in the War of 1812, Captain James Marshall is commissioned to run the British blockade and fetch an unofficial war loan from France. As first mate, Marshall recruits Ben Waldridge, a cashiered former British Navy captain. Waldridge brings his former gun crew...who begin plotting mutiny as soon as they learn there'll be gold aboard. The gold duly arrives, and with it Waldridge's former sweetheart Leslie, who's fond of a bit of gold herself. Which side is Waldridge really on?
Never Trust a Gambler (1951) as Sgt. Quentin McCloy
A small-time gambler goes on the lam from a murder charge.
One Too Many (1951) as [Michael H.] Sully [Sullivan]
The Light Touch (1951) as Mr. MacWade
An art thief tries to double cross his gangster boss.
The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) as Michaels
The son of the notorious scientist fights to clear his father''''s name.
The Sword of Monte Cristo (1951) as Mayor Henri Lubec
In 1858 France, Emperor Louis Napoleon (David Bond) sends Captain Renault (George Montgomery) of the Royal Dragoons, Minister La Roche (Berry Kroeger) and Major Nicolet (William Conrad) to Normandy in search of the members of a group of rebels. A Masked Cavalier (Paula Corday), the niece, Lady Christianne, of the Marquis De Montableau (Robert Warwick), announces at a secret meeting of the Normandy underground leaders that the fabled treasure of Monte Cristo was willed to her and she will use it to finance their cause. Her uncle, the only one who can decipher the symbols on the sword of Monte Cristo, the key to the treasure, derides her stand against the Emperor. La Roche takes possession of the sword and has the Marquis put into the dungeon. Christianne, as the Masked Cavalier, regains the sword from La Roche, but Captain Renault apprehends her and returns to sword to La Roche.
The Law and the Lady (1951) as Inspector McGraw
A society jewel thief falls for one of her marks.
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951) as Father Paul
An actress champions the cause of a man whom she believes has been falsely accused of murdering his wife.
Million Dollar Pursuit (1951) as Waxman "Waxey" Wilk
Devil's Doorway (1950) as Scotty MacDougall
A Native American Civil War hero returns home to fight for his people.
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) as Vic Mason
From the trial of the survivors, we flash back to amoral crook Ralph Cotter's violent prison break, assisted by Holiday Carleton, sister of another prisoner...who doesn't make it. Soon Ralph manipulates the grieving Holiday into his arms, and two crooked cops follow her into his pocket. Ralph's total lack of scruple brings him great success in a series of robberies. But his easy conquest of gullible heiress Margaret Dobson proves more dangerous to him than any crime...
Tyrant of the Sea (1950) as Capt. William Blake
California Passage (1950) as Norris
The Showdown (1950) as Chokecherry
Shadrach Jones (William Elliott), ex-Texas State Policeman, has a ruthless determination to find and kill the man who shot his brother in the back and stole the money with which he was to buy a ranch for he and Shadrach. At the saloon-hotel ran by Adelaide (Marie Windsor), Shadrach is convinced that one of the cowhands on a cattle drive by Captain McKellar (Walter Brennan) to Montana is the killer, and he takes the trail-herd boss job to identify the man. McKellar preaches to Jones that he should forget revenge and let the law of retribution take care of the killer. Shadrach's hard driving of the men and his hunt for the killer makes him bitterly hated, and his retribution quest ends in a manner he has not anticipated.
The Crooked Way (1949) as Lt. Joe Williams
A war hero''''s amnesia keeps him from dealing with his criminal past.
Bad Boy (1949) as Arnold Strawn
A lawman tries to find the source of a juvenile delinquent's bad behavior.
The Inspector General (1949) as Inspector general
A perpetual student is mistaken for a government official in a small Eastern European village.
Fighting Man of the Plains (1949) as Chandler Leach
A former bandit enlists Jesse James to help him clean up a Kansas town.
Tokyo Joe (1949) as Colonel Dahlgren
An American in post-war Japan gets caught up in the black market.
Hills of Home (1948) as Mr. Milton
Lassie helps a Scottish doctor deal with his patients' problems.
If Winter Comes (1948) as Mr. Bright
Scandal results when a well-meaning man takes in a pregnant girl.
The Black Arrow (1948) as Bennet Hatch
A young British nobleman comes back from fighting in the War of the Roses to discover that his father has been murdered by an old family friend who is now an outlaw. However, he becomes suspicious about the exact circumstances of his father's death and determines to find out exactly what happened.
Tenth Avenue Angel (1948) as Blind Mac
A child of the tenements helps an ex-con find a new life.
The Trouble with Women (1947) as Judge
Cross My Heart (1947) as Prosecutor
The Imperfect Lady (1947) as Inspector Carston
Easy Come, Easy Go (1947) as Priest
A film that possibly held the record for the most Irish-descent players in an American-produced movie before "The Quiet Man" was shot on location in Ireland, and that includes "The Informer." Barry Fitzgerald is a rapid fan of following the ponies (but none too good at picking the winners)and owns a shabby boarding house east of NYC's Third Avenue. Mostly, he never works, follows his hunches, philosphizes through most of the 77 minutes and changes the life course for most of those around him. His dependence upon his daughter (Diana Lynn) keeps him interfering with her romance with a returning WW II sailor (Sonny Tufts, just before Paramount finally gave up on him.) And he will stretch the truth beyond accepted boundaries. Fitzgerald's real-life brother Arthur Sheilds plays his brother who he has built up to be a rich man, but who is really a diver working for the police department. Could have been a ten if there had been a leprechaun or two or Pat O'Brien in the cast.
Moss Rose (1947) as Sergeant Evans
The Farmer's Daughter (1947) as Adolph
When she goes to work for a congressman, a Minnesota farm girl takes Washington by storm.
The Spiral Staircase (1946) as Mr. Oates
A serial killer stalks a mute servant girl in a remote mansion.
So Goes My Love (1946) as Magel
An inventor rises to fame with the support of his loving wife.
The Strange Woman (1946) as Deacon Adams
An unscrupulous 19th-century woman will stop at nothing to control the men in her life.
The Corn Is Green (1945) as Mr. Jones
A dedicated teacher sacrifices everything to send a young miner to Oxford.
Blood on the Sun (1945) as Joe Cassell
An American reporter in Tokyo fights to report honestly on Japan''''s growing militarism before World War II.
Voice of the Whistler (1945) as Ernie Sparrow
A dying millionaire marries his nurse for companionship, only to experience a miracle cure.
You Came Along (1945) as Colonel Stubbs
War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour. After some amusing escapades, Bob and Ivy become romantically involved, agreeing it's "just fun up in the air." Then Ivy finds out the real reason why it shouldn't be anything more.
The Bells of St. Mary's (1945) as Dr. McKay
A liberal priest tries to soften the strict nun running St. Mary's school.
No Time for Love (1943) as Clancy
A sophisticated reporter hires the construction worker she accidentally got fired.
Underground Agent (1942) as Henry Miller
Random Harvest (1942) as Sam
A woman''''s happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia.
Gentleman Jim (1942) as Harry Watson
Fanciful biography of 19th-century boxing champion Jim Corbett.
Eagle Squadron (1942) as Sergeant Johns
Remember Pearl Harbor (1942) as Andy L. Anderson
Mrs. Miniver (1942) as Horace
A British family struggles to survive the first days of World War II.
Cairo (1942) as Strange man
A war correspondent in Egypt thinks a screen star on tour is a spy.
This Above All (1942) as Sergeant
A woman defies convention by joining the WAAFs and becoming romantically involved with an AWOL soldier.
How Green Was My Valley (1941) as Dai Bando
A Welsh mining family faces the struggles of life together.

Stunts (feature film)

Like Mike 2 (2006)
Another young boy with 'hoop dreams' finds an old pair of Michael Jordan's sneakers and can suddenly play ball like the greatest player in the world.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

How Green Was My Valley (1941) as Technical Advisor
A Welsh mining family faces the struggles of life together.

Cast (special)

Brigadoon (1966)
Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, two Americans lost in the Scottish moors, come across Brigadoon, a strange village that appears for one day every one hundred years. Their experiences in the mystical village and Tommy's romance with Fiona MacLaren is the focal point of the 1947 musical by Alan Jay

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